Our History
Founded in 1998, Money-Media has focused on being the premier source of news and intelligence for the investment management industry and U.S. corporate board directors. We now support the business IQ of hundreds of thousands of readers across the world through our news services.

In January 2008, Money-Media was purchased by the Financial Times. The FT stated it “has strengthened its position in quality news and analysis for the global money management industry through the acquisition of Money-Media, the US-based market leader in online news and commentary for the sector.”

Following the FT acquisition, Money-Media has continued to flourish in the industry by being innovative and launching new products. In June of 2008, Ignites Europe was launched as Money-Media’s first online news publication outside of the U.S. With our editorial team in London, Ignites Europe quickly became the preeminent news service covering the fund industry in Europe with a focus on retail cross-border funds. In September of 2010, Money-Media launched Ignites Asia in Hong Kong. Ignites Asia’s early success puts it on a path similar to its U.S. and European sister services'.

In the fall of 2012, Money-Media took a new direction by launching Ignites Retirement Research as a bolt-on to the original Ignites news service. Ignites Retirement Research provides original research and analysis on the retirement market in an efficient online format. Shortly thereafter in early 2013, Ignites Distribution Research was launched as concise, impactful research and analysis on retail fund distribution. Similar to Ignites Retirement, Ignites Distribution is not included with an Ignites subscription but can be purchased at an additional cost.

Also in the fall of 2012, the Agenda Governance Tracker was launched as a bolt-on to the AgendaWeek.com website as a database of governance-related public documents from S&P 500 companies.

In April 2013, Money-Media launched its first advertising driven publication, Financial Advisor IQ. FA-IQ is a free news service for financial advisors who are looking to build and manage a successful practice.

In May 2014, Money-Media took over the responsibility for the running and future strategy of MandateWire,
which was previously run under the FT Asset Management division.

Money-Media continues to strive to be entrepreneurial, innovative and passionate by launching new products and services year after year. Our mission is to create an array of must-have products that solve the information needs of busy professionals while also powering their business IQ.

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Our Mission
Money-Media creates and delivers niche, must-have, actionable content that generates a significant profit and solves the information needs of busy professionals. 

To accomplish our mission, we uphold the following core values:

  • Honor our obligation to our customers to offer our best work daily and act in an ethical
    manner at all times
  • Make our customers smarter and more successful, our stakeholders prosperous
    and our communities stronger
  • Maintain an organization of people with initiative and integrity who are passionate about their jobs
  • Create a fun work environment where individuality and community spirit flourish
  • Think and act like entrepreneurial business owners, working together positively and creatively
    and thriving on innovative thinking
  • Dedicate ourselves to continual improvement as individuals and as an organization,
    remaining resilient and valuing feedback
  • Trust each other to do our jobs and communicate openly, candidly, and respectfully to one another
  • Reward and assess people based on performance.

While we recognize Money-Media is constantly changing, we are steadfast in our commitment to these
core values.